BİLGİ Engineering Robotics Team is a Finalist

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İstanbul Bilgi University Robotics Team from Faculty of Engineering has become one of the 6 finalists for the Phase I, Conceptual Design and Project Proposal of Laureate Award for Excellence in Robotics Engineering, with their project “Ventus V.1.0”.

The BİLGİ Robotics team is representd by Asst. Prof. Mustafa Fazıl Serincan and students Boran Karaduman, Firas Abdul Ghani, Deniz Ekiz, Emre Eröz from the Faculty of Engineering this year.  

The Laureate Award for Excellence in Robotic Engineering is a contest for undergraduate students enrolled in Laureate Institutions to develop an interactive robotic system to welcome, guide and provide multimedia presentations to visitors at any Laureate campus. Consistent with the theme “Get to know my Laureate Institution”, the robot should guide the visitors through their campus and share the relevant and important background and facts about their institution in a compelling manner.