Announcement for Security Precautions

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In recent days, the Rector's Office has received information that some of our students have been subjected to acts of violence outside the campus. We are in contact with the public authority about this situation, which we have accepted with great sorrow.

As known, our Rector’s Office has increased security level following the incidence occurred on 8th March 2017. With increased number of security personnel and surveillance cameras, open areas and buildings are monitored 7/24 and our security units are on full alarm in a manner to give immediate response for even smallest incidents. Furthermore, we would like to express that investigation opened against persons involved in violent incidence occurred on 8th March 2017 by our university has been concluded and required disciplinary penalties have been established against involved persons in accordance with relevant legislation.

On 23rd May 2017, the tension started by protest of a group of students against another group of students during blood donation campaign carried out in santralistanbul Campus was calmed down by immediate response of our security personnel and contribution of some of our academic members. Our Rector’s office commenced an investigation proceedings about this incidence in line with relevant legislation. Aforesaid investigation will be followed up with great care and necessary actions will be taken.

Furthermore, the controls made at campus entrance and exit are tightened and necessary precautions have been taken to ensure that the final exams are carried out safely; It was requested that the police force should take necessary measures especially around the santralistanbul Campus.

No one should have doubt that we will take the most determined precautions against the intrusion of violence into our university, which has stood for freedom since the day it was founded.

İstanbul Bilgi University