Erasmus+ 2018-2019 Academic Year English Exam List

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We would like to announce that English Language Proficiency Written exam will be held on 10th of March 2018, Saturday at 09:00 at Kuştepe Campus. Please click here for the information of place and time for English Language Proficiency Exam: Written Language Exam

All students are asked to be ready 15 minutes before the exam together with their student identity cards. No students will be allowed to participate in the exam without their identity cards.

There will be no extra time for late comers.

There will be shuttle buses between 08:15 – 08:45  from Trump Towers to Kuştepe and 10:35 – 11:00 fromKuştepe to Trump Towers on 10th of March 2018, Saturday.

 -5 points will be deducted from Erasmus grades of the students who do not participate to the exam although they stated that they will participate for the applications in following years.

The results will be announced on 15th of March 2018 on our web page. Please follow our web page for further announcements.