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Apply now for the Volunteer Buddy Program

Apply now for the Volunteer Buddy Program

Who can become a volunteer “Buddy” and what does a Buddy student do?

You do not have to be experienced. You just have to be willing to help. 

A Buddy student voluntarily helps incoming international exchange students of İstanbul Bilgi University.

All we expect from ‘buddies’ is that they imagine themselves in the shoes of the incoming students and assist the incoming students with the problems that they might experience upon arrival for their exchange studies.

With your volunteer work in the Buddy Program, you can improve your communication with international students, learn different cultures, participate in a multicultural environment as well as practice your foreign language skills. In this way, when you yourself get the chance to travel abroad, you will be familiar with the needs of international students and have already friends from all around the world!

What are the main responsibilities of the volunteer Buddy students?

·        Participate on the Orientation Day and help International Center

·        Help incoming exchange students with their transportation needs from airport to accommodation place

·        Help with phone registration and getting a SIM card

·        Assist incoming exchange students with finding accommodation

·        Assist incoming exchange students with course registration

·        Assist incoming exchange students with residence permit applications and health insurance transactions

·        Introduce life in Istanbul and BİLGİ campus to the incoming exchange students and share your own experiences.


How can you apply to be a “Buddy”?

To apply;  you can send your Name, Surname,  department and mobile phone number  to the umbilgi@gmail.com  address. A survey will be sent to you so that your application can be evaluated.

The deadline for the 2018-19 Fall Semester applications: 22 July 2018

Please note that the selected buddies will need to be in Istanbul at beginning of September for assisting the Orientation.

The voluntary "Buddy" Program is organized by İstanbul Bilgi University International Center and Volunteers Student Club.  

Please fill the survey to apply for Buddy Program: http://bit.ly/2KABFRw