VCD- E1 Talks

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E1 Talks (E1 Önü Konuşmaları) are organized by Visual Communication Design students. The graduated students of the department and designers are invited to these activities  held on 2017-2018 academic year.

E1Önü Konuşmaları: Dimitris Koliadimas         
Thoughts on Systems

E1Önü Konuşmaları: Sabri Akın
Third guest of E1 Önü Konuşmaları is Sabri Akın.

E1Önü Konuşmaları: Onur Sönmez
Our former student Onur Sönmez is going to be our 4th guest.

E1Önü Konuşmaları: Sarp Sözdinler
Our 5th guest is one of the important designer in the new generation design age of Turkey.

E1Önü Konuşmaları: Özge Cöne and Rival Consoles
We will talk about the relationship between design and music with the sixth guests of E1ÖNÜ.

E1Önü Konuşmaları: Kibele Yarman
Seventh guest of E1 Önü is Kibele Yarman.