The inventions increasing stress tolerance and promoting growth and development of plants are licensed.

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The patents were developed as a result of the studies carried out by Prof. Dr. Hatice Gülen and Dr. Müge Kesici from İstanbul Bilgi University, Assoc. Dr. Asuman Cansev and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cansev from Uludağ University and Dr. Sergül Ergin from Eskişehir Osmangazi University since 2011. Three patents related to some molecules that promote growth and development and increase stress tolerance of plants were licensed by TTO of Uludag University to Ar&Ge Industrial Company. According to the license agreement, these patents were transformed into commercial products serving as a stress (cold and freezing) tolerance enhancer in the agriculture sector by Ar&Ge Industrial Company. Consequently, academic knowledge was transformed into economic value.