Time to sign up to be a buddy for incoming international students!

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Time to sign up to be a buddy for incoming international students!


Who and what is a Buddy student?

A Buddy International Volunteer student is a BILGI student who assists an incoming international exchange students and degree seeking students for their orientation to Istanbul on a voluntary basis. None of the duties stated below should be considered as compulsory and they all are based on a voluntary work. All we expect from “Buddies” is that they put themselves in the student’s place and assist students with the problems that they might likely experience throughout their exchange studies. By doing so, Buddies get the chance to practice their English, as well as, exchange their culture with another student. In addition, buddies get to learn what kind of things that they might likely need to know in case they decide to go on an exchange program. In this way, when you get the chance to travel abroad, buddies will be familiar with the procedures and will be able to handle all the procedures with ease.


Duties of the Buddy Student:


Pick students up from the airport
Help with Foreign Phone Registration and getting a SIM Card
Assist in Finding Accommodation
Assist during Course Registration
Provide assistance with governmental procedures such as obtaining a “Residence Permit” and “Tax Number”

How to Apply?

Send your Name-Surname, Department, Year and Phone Number to internationalvolunteersbilgi@gmail.com

The deadline for the 2015-16 academic year Fall semester is September 1, 2015. After the deadline, only those who applied for the Buddy Programme will be contacted.