2015-2016 Erasmus Placement Program Grant Allocation

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2015-2016 Academic Year Erasmus Study and Placement budget has been announced by the Turkish National Agency. Grant allocation criteria for 2015-2016 Academic Year has been determined by Istanbul Bilgi University Erasmus Commission on September 17th , 2015 and is explained here below. 

We kindly request from you to read all the explanations.


Click here for the grant amount and 70% of the grant amount for the Erasmus Placement Program. Student who attend the Erasmus Placement Program will be granted for 3 months due to our limited budget. 
The National Agency only announce the grant budget. After that agreement between our university and the National Agency will be signed. After the completion of the agreement period grants will be transferred to universities within 45 days. As soon as we receive the grant from the National Agency, we will transfer the grants to our student. We will inform our students again for the first payments.
Firstly 70% of your total anticipated grants will be paid. At the end of your mobility rest of your grant will be paid if you complete your documents and achieve the required academic success. 
Taking online language exam (OLS) is compulsory for all students who will participate the program. After the National Agency allocates the exams to universities, we will make announcement and send the links for the exams to your bilgiedu.net extension mail addresses. The exams should be completed before the deadline therefore please check your mails and follow our announcements. (The exam will first be sent to fall and full year students. We will inform the students who will attend the program for spring semester in the orientation we will organize.)