Erasmus Internship Program Application Results

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Dear Students,


Students listed below have been placed at an institution/enterprise as prospective intern students from Istanbul Bilgi University.


Those students that are named at the placement list should fill and sign the Letter of Confirmation stating that they will proceed with their Erasmus+ Internship mobility and hand it in to the International send it via e-mail to International Center until 10th of April, 2017.


Please see the results of the placement for Erasmus Internship Applications

2016-17 Summer Period Erasmus Internship Placement Results
2017-18 Academic Year Erasmus Internship Placement Results


Students that have been placed at an institution as an intern within the Erasmus+ program but would like to cancel their mobility should bring  Erasmus Cancellation Letter filled and signed to the International Office no later than 10th of April, 2017. Otherwise since the Faculty Board will decide on your permitted absence,  for the term that you’ll be in mobility, you won’t be able to choose courses.


List attached is not indicating that the 2017-2018 academic year internship students listed have been qualified to obtain the Erasmus+ Internship mobility grant, but only showing that they have been placed under the Erasmus+ Mobility program. It’s not a guarantee that all our students will be given the mobility grant. Those that are qualified may withdraw from that right. If qualified to obtain the grant, the calculation of the total amount will primarily based upon minimum 2 months. If your application for extra grant is evaluated by Turkish National Agency and accepted for the resting period of mobility, you may have the opportunity to be provided with that.  


Those that will do their internship during 2017 Summer period will be granted only 3 months Due to the remaining grant from the 2016-2017 budget.


It’s obligated for all our students that are placed to participate to our ORIENTATION PROGRAM who’s date will be announced later. You’ll be given all the detailed information there about the intership program and the related process. If not participated, you might miss a lot of necessary information and undergo through diffuculties during your mobility.