2017-2018 Academic Year Exchange Programs Placement Results

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We kindly remind you that students are placed as Istanbul Bilgi University candidate student to one of our partner universities and the final decision will be made by the partner university subsequent to their application to the partner university.

Please read until the end. You will be responsible for following the procedure of the content below.

Please click for the result of Erasmus+ program. The students, who accept the partner university and the semester the s/he is placed on the list, must fill in and sign the attached Confirmation Letter and submit it to our Center no later than 10th April 2017 by hand or via e-mail. Otherwise, their nomination procedure will not be realized and we will not send their nomination to the partner University on time. Please click for Confirmation Letter


The students, who are placed and want to cancel this placement, must fill in and sign the attached Erasmus Cancellation Form and submit it to our Center no later than 10 April 2017. Otherwise, they may not pick courses in the semester that they are placed, since a Faculty Board Decision will be issued on their names for their Exchange Permission. Please click for cancellation form


Attached list is not a list indicating the students who are awarded to receive Erasmus grant, but only a list indicating that they are placed in the scope of the Erasmus Exchange Program. As it was mentioned before to all our students, grant allocation is not guaranteed to our students. The students who will be awarded with the Erasmus grant have the right to waive their grant. We will announce Grant list when Turkish National Agency inform us.



The students who are on list as a substitute status can only be placed if the student/s who are placed in the mentioned university cancel/s their mobility and whether partner university’s deadline is not over. In that case, they will be informed via e-mail.


The student is liable for following the procedures for application to partner universities. In case there is an information e-mail by the partner university sent to our center, this e-mail will be forwarded to the student. Especially some of the   1 year and Fall semester  students’ nomination and application deadline is too close, students that are placed to those universities must immediately start their procedure.  Please pay attention to the application deadline  on web site of the partner university. Before application, our students must wait for a nomination e-mail from us to be sent to the partner university and to the student.



Participation in the ORIENTATION PROGRAM, of which date will be announced later and by which we will share information on all procedures about your exchange period, is COMPULSORY for all placed students. If you do not attend this program, you will miss a lot of important information and have difficulties during your mobility.