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Academic Journey & Beyond

Academic Journey & Beyond

International Student Advising Office of İstanbul Bilgi University Global Talent Management Center (BİLGİTalent) organizes new “Academic Journey & Beyond” initiative.

Are you thinking of applying for a double major? Do you want to take some extra credits but you don’t know how? Are you looking for new pathways after you graduate? Do you need help to plan your education life? Look no further!

As an international student, you will now be able to get specialized, one-on-one consulting sessions regarding academic procedures, future planning and much more. The International Student Advising Office will be working with departments and units around the university to provide well-rounded assistance to you. Each semester, you will have at least one session to have a multidisciplinary look at your current status as a student and have guidance in taking steps to ensure that you get the most out of your years here at BİLGİ.

Click here to apply for an appointment to get started on the next step of your academic journey.