2018 – 2019 Academic Year Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Placement Results

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  • We kindly remind you that students are placed as participants of  Erasmus+ Internship Mobility .
  • The list is not indicate the students who are awarded to receive Erasmus grant, but only a list indicating that they are placed in the scope of the Erasmus+ Internship Mobility. As it was mentioned before to all our students, grant allocation is not guaranteed to our students. We will announce Grant list after Erasmus+ Commision approval. We will inform you soon.
  • Students who want to withdraw their right to attend Erasmus + Internship Mobility until 12.04.2019 are required to submit their petition for cancellation. -10 points will be applied in the next applications of the students who give up after this date.

Participation in the ORIENTATION PROGRAM, of which date will be announced later and by which we will share information on all procedures about your exchange period, is COMPULSORY for all placed students. Students who do not participate in the Orientation Program will be deducted 5 points from their applications. If you do not attend this program, you will miss a lot of important information and have difficulties during your mobility.