The "Dog Movie" directed by Cem Hakverdi of BİLGİ Faculty of Communication hits festivals.

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Aiming to highlight the challenging living conditions of stray dogs, the "Dog Movie" directed by Cem Hakverdi, Faculty Member of Media Department, Faculty of Communication of İstanbul Bilgi University, had its first run in Turkey in Pera Museum on 12 April 2019 within the scope of 38th Istanbul Movie Festival. The "Dog Movie" that took 2 years to make and that was shot in Istanbul, Ankara, Nevşehir, Mardin, Antalya, İzmir and Kars was exhibited at 42nd International Wildlife Movie Festival on 14 April 2019 following the 38th Istanbul Movie Festival.

Hakverdi shows a representative cross-section of the lives of dogs struggling to survive in the streets of the city far from population centers, as well as the efforts of people who try to help them survive.