A new book edited by Pınar Uyan Semerci and Emre Erdoğan is published.

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Our colleagues Prof. Pınar Uyan Semerci and Assoc. Prof. Emre Erdoğan published their new edited book with the title of Shadow in the Politics: Fear
Book is composed of the proceedings of the Fourth Political Psychology Conference (2018) and some new articles.

The back cover of the book is:
Emre Erdogan and Pinar Uyan Semerci's Shadow in Politics: Fear is a collection of studies conducted by both young and experienced social scientists from various backgrounds who are examining the growing visibility of fear in the world today. Taking as its core the assumption that micro- and macro-politics cannot be addressed from a purely rational perspective, emotions should be take into account for a concise analysis, fear is examined in its multiplicity of manifestations as one of the most important emotions; from its theoretical conceptualization in political philosophy to anti-immigration rhetoric, from terrorism and fascism to populist discourses, and from fear of women to free academic work.

But this study is more than just an analysis of fear. The Shadow in Politics: Fear is full of practical suggestions for how to escape the dominance of fear. As Erdogan and Uyar Semerci argues: "Moving away from the object f fear brings with it a common sense of moving towards home." The goal is thus to regain the safe space that was lost by living behind walls, by the logic of building ever-higher walls around one's house: in today's world, no wall is strong enough to create a "home" without a "worry".

That’s exactly why, the only “home” that we can peacefully sleep in, is the “home” where the doors and the windows can be left open, when, if it is still possible, the threat perceptions were destroyed and the “worry” is disappeared because now we know the “stranger”.