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BİLGİ receives 4 stars from QS Stars

BİLGİ receives 4 stars from QS Stars

İstanbul Bilgi University was awarded 4 stars by QS Stars, the world's reputable Higher Education Ranking Institution, in April 2019. With this achievement, BİLGİ has proven its success in the fields of program strength, research, international reputation, graduate employability, social responsibility, inclusiveness and facilities.

As part of its assessment, the UK-based independent QS Stars, which ranks reputable universities from 47 countries all around the world, awarded 4 stars to İstanbul Bilgi University, who applied from Turkey. In this assessment, BİLGİ was ranked in terms of the following criteria: "Program Strength", "International Reputation", "Inclusiveness", "Graduate Employability", "Facilities", "Research" and "Specialization Criterion: Psychology". Becoming entitled to be awarded 4 stars according to the total success rate determined on the basis of all criteria, İstanbul Bilgi University has accomplished a great achievement in international arena with its objective of excellence in education.

Prof. Kübra Doğan Yenisey, Acting Rector of İstanbul Bilgi University, said that they want to carry the university one step further backed by a globally-recognized and high-quality education approach, and added: "Moving towards our objective, we have been awarded 4 stars by QS Stars, a reputable ranking institution, and this encourages us further to constantly improve our performance. I would like to convey my sincere gratitude and thanks to all our academicians, students and employees, who all contributed to this success, and wish all of us continued success".