BİLGİ Law Faculty students won awards at the "3rd Future Arbitration Counsel Competition" organized by the Young ISTAC.

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59 teams formed by 311 students from 28 different universities competed in the "3rd Future Arbitration Counsel Moot" organized by the Young ISTAC (Istanbul Arbitration Centre) at İstanbul Bilgi University's santralistanbul campus on 20-21 April 2019. The first place went to İstanbul Şehir University and followed by Marmara University and İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University teams who received the second and third places, respectively.

BİLGİ Faculty of Law was represented by our students Ege Buket, Melis Uluutku, Ece Buse Gürpınar, Seher Kurtuluş and Rüştü Umur Saraç. Our team got the "Best Memorandum for Respondent" award, our student Ege Buket also won the only "Honorable Mention" award out of 311 students and was selected as the "Future Arbitration Counsel".

The president of the Turkish Bar Association, Prof. Dr. Metin Feyzioğlu, who shared this excitement with all students, gave the following message to the future counsels: “This competition aims to raise awareness of arbitration. The actual competition begins as you graduate from the university and embark upon your career as counselor-at-law. Then you will be said that you will play in a sandpit. I would prefer that our young legal practitioners not to be confined to that pit, cross their limits and destroy all boundaries. For this very reason, we have to eliminate the bias on arbitration. Arbitration is not possible without counsels. ISTAC is an important way out for us, for counsels. If we do not put the ISTAC clause (dispute clause) in the contracts we have done, then the Dubai arbitration, the London arbitration and the Paris arbitration are put in place, so the cases are heared in those countries. Everyone who refers to the nationality should cooperate with the ISTAC. "

We heartfully congratulate our students Ege Buket, Melis Uluutku, Ece Buse Gürpınar, Seher Kurtuluş and Rüştü Umur Saraç in the BİLGİ Law team, and all our faculty members who supported them.