BİLGİ Law Faculty students won the first place in the "ELSA İstanbul Prof. Rona Serozan 4th Moot Court".

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ELSA İstanbul Prof. Rona Serozan 4th Moot Court organized by European Law Students Association-İstanbul, was hosted by İstanbul Bilgi University and held at santralistanbul campus on 4-5 May 2019 with the sponsorship of Esin Attorney Partnership and Çağa Law Foundation. We are especially proud of being in the first place in this year’s competition which was firstly organized in the memory of Prof. Rona Serozan.

BİLGİ Faculty of Law was represented by our students Gizem Sarıdikmen, Zeren Liman, Damlanur İpek, Kubilay Altınkaya, Birce Altın and won the first place. In addition to that, our student Gizem Sarıdikmen won the "Honorable Mention" award. As for the second and third places were followed by the Turkish-German University and Süleyman Demirel University, respectively. The hearings was held with participation of faculty members from different universities and legal practitioners acting as judges who also shared their precious comments and reminisced about Prof. Rona Serozan after the final oral hearing.

We heartfully congratulate our students who participated in this moot court for the name of Prof. Dr. Rona Serozan which is a source of pride for BİLGİ Faculty of Law, as well as our distinguished faculty members, who gave academic support to our team.

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