Ambiguous Standards Institute into Jerusalem Design Week

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Featuring Cansu Cürgen, Faculty Member at Department of Architecture and Dr. Avşar Gürpınar, Faculty Member at Department of Industrial Design of İstanbul Bilgi University; as well as artists, designers and scholars including Hazal Kırıkçı, Mete Godollar, Havvanur Sönmez, and Merve Şen, Ambiguous Standards Institute (ASI), in collaboration with artist Selçuk Artut, will participate in Jerusalem Design Week with its brand new thematic crate; Ambiguous Standards of Electricity: Plugs and Outlets.

There are fourteen different types of plugs and outlets used in the world, from Type A to N. The distribution of these widely used plugs, which overrides national boundaries as well as cardinal points of the earth, might illustrate the non-geographical relations between countries and provide an alternative parallax about the connections - social and electrical alike.

The crate for the Ambiguous Standards of Electricity, manifests an invisible network of standards, and how these standards vary according to social and cultural parameters, as well as electrical ones, through different plugs, outlets, and an electrified world map.

Jerusalem Design Week will be held at Hansen House from June 13 to June 20, 2019, and will bring together 150 designers and twenty thousand visitors from all around the world. A series of events, exhibitions, and installations will focus on the theme “East” this year.