Erasmus+ 2019-2020 Academic Year Study Mobility Grant Announcement

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Dear Students,

2019-2020 Academic Year Erasmus Study and Placement budget has been announced by the Turkish National Agency. Grant allocation criteria for 2019-2020 Academic Year has been determined by Istanbul Bilgi University Erasmus Commission on 26th June 2019 and is explained here below. 

We kindly request from you to read all the explanations.

  • Grant will be allocated to students who will participate the Erasmus Program for 2019-2020 Academic Year according to “Partial Mobility Granting based on Erasmus Score Ranking” criteria. PLEASE CLICK HERE for the list of the student numbers who will receive grant are listed. We would like to congratulate all students.

  • 2019-2020 Erasmus+ Study Mobility to be allocated grant is 327.950 EUR. Since this amount is not sufficient to provide grant to all placed students. there will be an additional budget transfer from Erasmus Office’s Organizational Mobility Budget. Thank to this transfer we will be able to provide grant to all placed students.

  • Because of limited grant budget for 2019-2020 Academic Year, maximum 4 months grant will be provided to the students who will participate to the mobility for only one semester (Fall or Spring Semester does not matter). Students who will participate to the mobility for whole academic year will be granted for maximum 8 months.  Students whose mobility is foreseen to last less than 4 months/8 months will be granted for whole mobility duration.

  • The National Agency only announced the grant budget on the paper. After that agreement between our university and the National Agency will be signed. After the completion of the agreement period grants will be transferred to Bilgi’s bank account. As soon as we receive the grant from the National Agency, we will transfer the grants to our student. We will inform our students again for the first payments.

  • Firstly 80% of your total anticipated 4/8 months grants will be paid. At the end of your mobility rest of your grant will be paid if you complete your documents and achieve the required academic success. Example: Total grant of a student who will go to Germany for one semester will be calculated as 500€ * 4 Months=2000€ (%100). First payment will be 80% of the total grant, so 1600 € will be transferred.

  • We will apply for additional grant (in November-December) from Turkish National Agency in scope of interim report period. Though it is not guaranteed, if additional grant is provided, non-granted days may be funded. Students will be informed via e-mail if additional grant is received.

  • Students who would like to cancel their mobilities after the announcement of grant allocation results should fill in and sign the cancellation letter in our web site and submit to our office no later than the deadlines given below:

    • Cancellation deadline for Fall or Full Year Students is 08/07/2019, 17:00
    • Cancellation deadline for Spring Semester is 02/08/2019, 17:00

Important: There will be -10 for next Erasmus applications of the students who cancel their mobility after given deadlines.

  • Students who participate the program for full year and would like to shorten their mobilities should fill out and sign the “SHORTENING” form in our web site and submit to our office no later than 08/07/2019, 17:00

Grant agreement signature week will be announced later on.

For your information.

Erasmus Office