Our graduate Gizem Erbilgin participated in the Dutch Design Week with her graduation project.

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Gizem Erbilgin, a graduate of BİLGİ Industrial Design Department, participated in the Dutch Design Week with her graduation project.
This year’s 18th edition of Dutch Design Week took place in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Throughout the week, over 2,600 international designers participated in the event and different projects were exhibited in 120 different locations.

Erbilgin participated in the exhibition called ‘ExhibEAT-ion’ which was organized in the Hallenweg region as interactive showcase of Turkish design, from cityscape to table.  The event featured a range of Turkish designers from well-known brands to developing talents. The exhibition included the current products of the designers and the works specially made for this event. Dinner events at the exhibition area were also organized using some of the products on display, including Erbilgin’s graduation project. The aim of these invitations was to bring Turkish designs together with users and to introduce Turkish cuisine.

About the project

Erbilgin’s graduation project “Mey’le” is a set of plates where users can create different table layouts. It suggests a new social eating experience, considering the scenario of sharing, in which foods are arranged differently and shared easily in a sit-down meal. The product was designed as a set of plates which includes both serving plate and appetizer plates. The bottom plate of the product which is actually the serving plate, is used as carrier for appetizer plates in the first place. The plates which are on the top are arranged side by side; thanks to the form of plates the curves give reference to each other for the arrangement. By this way, the plates occupy less space and the appetizers are gathered in the middle which makes the interaction easier for sharing.