Burçak Erdal, translator of Şu Psikanaliz Sanatı published by İstanbul Bilgi University Press, received 2019 Psychoanalysis Writing Translation Incentive Award

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2019 Psychoanalysis Writing Translation Incentive Award by İstanbul Psychoanalytical Association was conferred to Burçak Erdal to recognize her translation of T.H. Ogden’s This Art of Psychoanalysis: Dreaming Undreamt Dreams and Interrupted Cries published in Turkish as Şu Psikanaliz Sanatı by İstanbul Bilgi University Press.


T.H. Ogden, one of the most read and influential names of psychoanalysis of our time, offers his perspective on the key concepts of psychoanalytic theory like dreams, reality, holding and containing in Şu Psikanaliz Sanatı. Burçak Erdal has translated this valuable work of Ogden into Turkish with a highly fluent and clear style.


İstanbul Psychoanalytical Association has granted “Psychoanalysis Writing Award” since 2004 in order to encourage the publishing of original and translated works in Turkish under psychoanalysis. The Association confers award in two categories every year to original or translated works of psychoanalysis published in Turkish in periodical and non-periodical publications.