2019 - 2020 Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Application Results

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Dear Students,

We would like to congratulate all students.

We kindly request from you to read all the explanations.

2019-2020 Academic Year Erasmus Placement budget announced by the Turkish National Agency. Grant allocation method for 2019-2020 Academic Year has been determined by Istanbul Bilgi University Erasmus Commission on 25th February 2020 and is explained here below. 

  • Due to 2019-2020 Academic year budget allocated from the National Agency to our University was not sufficient, grant was decided by the Erasmus Commission appointed by the Rector's Office to  give Partial Grant (Internship mobility is granted for a certain period of time regardless of day / month) all of our students who will participate the Internship Mobility. PLEASE CLICK HERE for the list of the student numbers who will receive grant are listed.
  • Maximum 4 months grant will be provided to the students who will participate to the mobility more than 4 months. Students whose mobility is foreseen to last less than 4 months will be granted for whole mobility duration.
  • Firstly 80% of your total months grants will be paid. At the end of your mobility the  rest of your grant will be paid, if you complete your documents and your mobility succesfully.
  • Students who would like to cancel their mobilities after the announcement of grant allocation results should fill in and sign the cancellation letter in the link and submit to our office no later than the 09/03/2020 17:00
  • Important: There will be -10 for next Erasmus applications of the students who cancel their mobility after given deadlines.
  • Students who participate the program more than 4 months and would like to shorten their mobilities should fill out and sign the “SHORTENING” form in the link and submit to our office no later than 09/03/2020, 17:00

Grant agreement signature week and Orientation Day will be announced later on.

For your information.

Erasmus Office