Important announcement about internships

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Dear Student;

Our University’s Academic Board has taken a new decision regarding compulsory and voluntary internships which were suspended in all universities with an official announcement in line with the measures taken for Covid-19. This decision taken within the framework of the authorization granted to universities with the normalization process aims to ensure that our students will not be affected negatively, students in graduation phase will not lose a year and they continue to gain the learning outputs to be acquired with the internship. 

In line with this decision, you can contact to your academic advisor or Internship Coordination Unit to review all alternatives provided to you for compulsory internships and to learn face-to-face or remote (online) working conditions in businesses.  

In line with this decision by Academic Board, students who study in programs without compulsory internship and want to do voluntary internship can do face-to-face or online internship provided that they take the required measures. 

Within the framework of mentioned decision; 

Your insurance procedures must be duly completed. In order to start your internship without any problem, it is important to complete the steps below and pay attention to stated dates. 

  1. You should plan the starting date of your internship as July 6, 2020, Monday at the earliest 

  2. You should send to your academic advisor the Internship Approval Form and Letter of Undertaking (to be accessed in the links below) via your e-mail address at least 10 days before the starting date of your internship. These documents (which can be downloaded from the links below) must be stamped and signed by you and the company where you will do your internship. Please send these documents to your academic advisor as an attachment to your e-mail, do not paste them as a text in the mail body. 

    1. Internship Approval Form

    2. Letter of Undertaking 

For all your inquiries related to internship you can send an e-mail to 

We wish you stay healthy and safe. 

Internship Coordination Unit