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Exhibition "Absent Present: Na/Mevcut" meets the audience on digital platforms

Exhibition "Absent Present: Na/Mevcut" meets the audience on digital platforms

As İstanbul Bilgi University Industrial Design Department 2020 Graduates, we would like to invite you to our Graduation Project Exhibition.


“Absent Present: Na/Mevcut” İstanbul Bilgi University Industrial Design Department 2020 Graduation Projects Exhibition, brings together 43 designer candidates who conceptualized their projects while questioning the context, material, user definition, life cycle, conventional norms of usage and the future of the products they are dealing with, as well as the “present” they are trying to create.


Before you click on the first project that draws your attention and start contemplating the questions you might want to ask its designer, we would like to tell you a bit about our unique design process, which took place not at the studio nor at the workshop but at different settings and using various resources, that inspired the name of our exhibition.


Faced with the newly emerged conditions as the limitation of the opportunity of learning by doing, disappearance of chances to feed on coincidences, decrease in the possibility of direct observations and opportunities to access materials and not being with any peers physically; we transferred ourselves to a context where we pushed the limits of possibilities of the digital world, simplified our processes, broadened our perspective in undertaking research, used what we had on hand and developed reasonable predictions with educators and professionals. All these conditions became our absence, yet at the same time, our presence.


2019-2020 Academic Year Spring Semester, while being the first virtual studio experience of our graduates, our exhibition is also displayed solely on digital platforms. We believe not only our project outcomes but also our process speaks for the future of design. We wish our experience will shed light on the search for alternative futures.


You can visit our online exhibition via this link: idgraduation.bilgi.edu.tr

You can access our social media via this link: instagram.com/na.mevcut

Click here for the brochure.



Adem Sınağ, Ali Sarp Aktan, Atakan Uzun, Ayşe Esma Sayıntürk, Beyza Özmen, Can Bartu Çelik, Çağla Şahin, Deniz Birkalan, Derin Gürgün, Derin Deniz Akmanlar, Didem Erdem, Dilge Arslancan, Efe Akıncıoğlu, Egehan Eren, Ekin Cunbul, Evren Dövenci, Eylül Tulçalı, Gülfem Naz Yılmaz, Gün Kerimoğlu, Hande Akın, Irmak Yenice, İdil Beliz Saraç, İrem İlayda Çeçen, İsmail Deniz, Kaan Öründü, Latif Mahmudoğlu, Maria Deniz Kadıoğlu, Mehmet Olgaç Keskin, Melisa Feride Öztürk, Mina Başar, Naz Feryal Cezayirli, Nisa Taylan, Öykü Kangül, Pelin Ventura, Petek Doğa Dayıoğlu, Rana Cabi, Sercan Okay, Şevval Naz Çakar, Tuğçe Yakup, Türkan Yaprak Kaynar, Yusuf Utku Dedetaş, Zeynep Kişioğlu, Zümra Yağmur Çetinler



Özlem Er, Ahmet Sertaç Öztürk, Gürçağ Özler, Ulaş Erdoğan, Gizem Öz