BİLGİ is ranked in Group A universities according to Turkey’s University Satisfaction Survey (TÜMA)

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According to 2020 results of Turkey’s University Satisfaction Survey (TÜMA) conducted by University Assessments and Research Laboratory (ÜniAr), BİLGİ is ranked in Group A universities demonstrating “high satisfaction”. BİLGİ became the 8th university among foundation universities with the highest student satisfaction level. 

 Aiming to understand university students’ experiences and satisfaction in Turkey, enrich the student experience and guide universities for being more student-centered, the survey is conducted in 192 universities with the participation of 39,386 students. Students’ satisfaction is assessed in 6 different fields as education-teaching, campus and the life quality level of physical places, sensitivity for students’ academic problems, efficiency of managerial governance, educational infrastructure, facilities and career development opportunities. 

While survey report remarks that students’ satisfaction level in Turkey is ranked in “D” level on average and it is showing a drop-off tendency compared to previous years. Ranked in Group A demonstrating high satisfaction, BİLGİ has increased the student satisfaction level in all fields compared to last year. 

“It is understood these 26 universities come to the forefront with the satisfying university culture they offered, meeting education and life quality beyond expectations and helping students and their families feel less anxious about the future”, the reports says referring to 26 universities ranked in Group A where BİLGİ is ranked as well. 

Student satisfaction level in BİLGİ is measured at A+ level in the fields of “Satisfactoriness of Campus and Life”, “Academic Support and Attention”, “Richness of Learning Facilities and Resources” and “Personal Development and Career Support”. 

You can see Turkish version of the survey report in the link.