The book "Çölün Gelini Palmira", of which our faculty member Prof. Ahmet Denker is among the authors, has been published

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The book "Çölün Gelini Palmira" of which our faculty member Prof. Ahmet Denker, Minna Silver and Gabriele Fangi are the authors, has been published by İstanbul Bilgi University Press. 


The ancient Palmyra city was unfortunately destroyed in the war in Syria in recent years. In 2015–2016 the city was conquered by ISIS who destroyed its monuments and museum, also killing several of its inhabitants. Their aim was to erase the memory and identity of the place, its people and the common heritage. 


However, through the use of modern technology including photogrammetry, digital imagery and 3D modelling, it has been possible to recreate the documented monuments, thus overcoming to some extent the trauma, cultural destruction and loss.The book revives and reconstructs the ancient city through images and history. 


Translated in Turkish by Yasemin Alptekin, the book is the perfect guide for readers who wish to immerse themselves visually in the history of the area and to discover more about the archaeology and its preservation using diverse methods employing modern technology.