Dear BİLGİ Faculty Members, 

You can find on this page detailed guidance on how the courses will be carried out during the distant education process and other resources you may need. At first, you can check the Basics of Distance Education Guide. Basics of Blackboard platform you are going to use during distant education are listed under Item 8 of this Guide.

You can find at below link the record of online webinar on how to use the basic features of Blackboard platform, which was held across our University with the participation of more than 600 faculty members, and you can watch it again if you need.

You can find answers for your basic questions on technical or pedagogical issues under Instructors tab at LMS Support web page. In case of unable to reach information you want under these sub-tabs, you can check FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. If your problem still continues, please send an e-mail to LMS Support. 

Please click to access Distance Education support pages: LMS Support

For an easier adaptation to distant education process for students and faculty members, you can find here some recommendations from BİLGİ Psychological Counseling Unit.