Program Structure

International Trade and Business Undergraduate Program aims to cultivate future managers and leaders with global visions who are open to global competition and capable of making strategic decisions through analyzing global opportunities and risks.

•The program has an interdisciplinary curriculum that provides students broad knowledge and experiences from different perspectives in order to encourage them to generate customized solutions for the international markets that have various cultural, economic and legal structures.

•In the first two years, the program offers Business and Economics courses that aim to improve basic academic knowledge; while in the last two years the program specializes upon International Business through offering the field courses enriched by simulation and case studies that involves both theoretical and practical knowledge. 

•The priority of the courses offered under the program is not only transferring information but to improve students’ skills of critical thinking, communication, cooperation, and adaptation to rapidly changing business environment.

•The program adopted Principles of Responsible Education (PRME) under United Nations Global Compact in order to encourage students to become responsible managers by giving ground on issues such as ethical understanding, social responsibility, environment, sustainability, and labor and consumer rights in the courses.

İstanbul Bilgi University Department of Business Administration is a member of the "United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME)".