The Department of Film at BİLGİ aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge in areas relating to both moving and still images. Our graduates leave BİLGİ with skills that make them desirable employees in the film and television industries. They can also work as independent filmmakers or in various stages of production within all fields of photography and video.

Both programs within the Department of Film (Film and Television, Photography and Video) are designed to encourage students to discover their talents and to develop a critical ethical stance regarding their professions. Within the first two years, the students acquire the basic knowledge of the profession, including the history, philosophy and forms of still and moving images. From their third year onward, students are encouraged to design their own tracks. They have the opportunity to work within an environment combining the unique competence of academics and industry experts.

The Film and Television Program comprises fields of specialization such as scriptwriting, directing, editing, production and cinematography. The Program of Photography and Video, on the other hand, is designed to help students specialize in digital image processing, commercial photography, architectural photography, post-production, large format photography and interactive video and broadcasting.

As part of their degree students can also spend a year in established film schools in Europe through Erasmus networks. Film School at BİLGİ also aims to continue its mission in the field by bringing together its graduates who are working in the industry and those who are pursuing an academic career, encouraging the interaction between practice and theory.