Radio, Television and Film

about program

The Radio, Television and Film (FTV) Program at BİLGİ encourages interest in a wide range of expressive modes in film and video. Regardless of a student’s choice of specialization, the program’s emphasis is toward a professional engagement in the cultivation of moving images.

Students develop fluency in filmmaking crafts with hands on education in scriptwriting, directing, documentary, non-narrative filmmaking, production, art direction, cinematography, sound design, editing and post-production. Equal emphasis is paid to the training in critical, theoretical, and historical thinking as to the analysis of its cinematic ideas.

Our goal is to continually intertwine the program with the filmmaking industry and academic areas of film studies in order to foster expertise. Due to Erasmus programs, transcultural experience is an inherent aspect of education at BİLGİ.

2011-2012 SPRING SEMESTER Competitions for University Candidates: Film Story and Photography Marathon

2011-2012 FALL SEMESTER (realized)
Documentary of the Shooting Workshop for the Film Story Competition