Program Structure

A student’s first year is devoted primarily to acquiring a practical, historical, and critical background. The focus is on learning the fundamentals. Second year courses are devoted mainly to deepening and broadening the student’s creative and critical awareness in classes such as, film grammar, scriptwriting, video production, and still image; thus preparing students to choose their tracks by the time they reach their third year. The last two years of education are designed for specialization. Students may choose out of several tracks: The project track where they can make a film or write a screenplay, the thesis track if they want to pursue academic interests or as another option, students can design their own program by focusing on very specific interests, such as art direction, cinematography or production, taking the course work track.

The program is bilingual. Good command of English is required for all students, so that films may be followed and books and references may be read in original language. First year courses are carried out mainly in English to develop the capability of all students to express themselves in English. In subsequent years, in courses like scriptwriting and project, discussions and assignments may be done in Turkish. In all classes open to Erasmus students, language of tutorial is English.