Department Head Tuğba Dalyan Assoc. Prof.

The field of Computer Engineering has been one of the main drivers of technological and societal progress that has been witnessed in modern history since the middle of the 20th century. Expansion in world economy, build-up in the prosperity of nations and improvements in the health and well-being of mankind would not have been possible without computer engineers.

Computer engineers design the hardware and software systems at the heart of essentially every contemporary device one can imagine. Their work involves a deep understanding of the trade-offs involved between hardware and software resources, as they seek to provide solutions, products and services with the best performance at the lowest costs.

The field of computer engineering offers a vast array of employment possibilities. Typical industries where computer engineers can pursue a professional career include: industries that develop or use computer-based systems, both in the hardware and software areas, such as electronics, telecommunications, information technologies, aerospace, manufacturing and automotive and transportation. Computer engineers work in research and development, possibly with engineers from different fields, or can pursue their careers still in other fields such as manufacturing, technical sales and teaching.

The Department of Computer Engineering at İstanbul Bilgi University aims at offering students a broad and integrated basic education and is constantly updating its curriculum to incorporate the most recent developments in this very dynamic field of science of technology. The objective of its program is to prepare students to excel in their professional careers, equip them to be leaders in their fields as well as drive the progress of society at large.