Mechatronics Engineering program stands out as a multidisciplinary program combining the basic techniques of electronics and mechanical engineering and computer science and mathematics to provide solutions to modern world engineering problems. The ever-increasing industrial growth and enhanced technical complexity of the new products and services will spur the demand for Mechatronics Engineers.

The graduates of this program will be able to find career opportunities in several sectors, including  robotics, unmanned vehicles, biomedical imaging, intelligent manufacturing technology, micro-nano systems and space technology, both in Turkey and abroad.

Mert Ezim  – 2019 Graduate

I graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Mechatronics Engineering Department with high honors. I owe this achievement to my professors at the Department of Mechatronics Engineering at Bilgi University. In the first year of my undergraduate life, I was called voluntarily to the Mathematics village of Ali Nesin, who was also a professor of BİLGİ upon the recommendation of my mathematics teacher who discovered my interest in mathematics. Thus, I attended mathematics classes intertwined with nature.

I am one of the first students of this department so I think I have made a great contribution to the establishment of our robotic laboratory which makes me love the work environment at Bilgi University. In the summer of the second year of my undergraduate education, I applied to the scientific research project of the school together with my professor and we received the acceptance, so we started to carry out the “Position Control of Disturbing Factor Compensation in Mechanum Wheeled Robots” project. One project ended with the robot platform I obtained through this scientific research project and another project started. I shaped my own future thanks to the practical and theoretical possibilities provided by BİLGİ. I realized my biggest dream both theoretical and practical and thanks to the references of my teachers. I got my master's degree in Control and Automation from Politecnico di Milano in Italy. Living in Italy was my childhood dream, BİLGİ Mechatronics Engineering opened the way for me to live there and to pursue a master's degree in a field I love. The experiences, training and achievements at BİLGİ provided me not only with a Master's degree in Politecnico, but also with the TEV-Fiat-Tofaş scholarship, which is given to only two students from the Turkish Education Foundation and applied by many successful and respected universities in Turkey. I am going to start my career as an engineer at the Tofas-Fiat family when I finish my master’s degree. Thanks to the opportunities given to me, I graduated one step ahead of the students of most universities. In the process until my graduation, I made many new and valuable friends and met many respectable people through the seminars of the school.

If ambitious and visonary friends are considering studying in the Mechatronics Engineering of BİLGİ University, you should not hesitate, you will study at a school where your efforts to reach your dreams and career will not be unrequited. Bilgi University, you will have no doubt that these goals and objectives will be the guide and bridge.

Burak Öztoprak – 2019 Graduate

I graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Mechatronics Engineering Department in 2019. In addition to Mechatronics Engineering, I also graduated from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering under the double major program. I have spent most of my undergraduate life doing projects at the Robotics and Intelligent Motion Control Lab. In these projects, I worked on different subjects such as double-sided control, force control, digital filtering methods. In 2018, I won the Best Senior Design Project award for one of my projects. We have published 2 IEEE conference papers with my thesis supervisor with some of my studies. I am currently a graduate student in Sabancı University Mechatronics Engineering.

In summary, I had the opportunity to improve myself significantly with the support of my professors during my years at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Batın Muşlu – 2018 Graduate

I graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Mechatronics Engineering Department with honors degree in 2018. In order to better understand the subjects we have seen in the lessons and observe the practical applications, I joined in Robotics and Intelligent Motion Control Lab. (RobIMoc). During my two years in the laboratory, I developed various algorithms on robotic applications of different control approaches. In my graduation project, I developed a hybrid position and force controller for robot manipulators. This work I and my teacher has published as a conference paper in IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). The strong theoretical background we have gained from the courses and the practical application experience we have gained from the laboratory prepare us very strongly for our work or education life after graduation. I received master's and Turkey's leading defense industry companies adoption of business from one of the many universities in the top 100 best universities in the world in the information list thanks to the guidance of our facilities and instructors provided us. I chose the IMTEK / University of Freiburg, Germany's largest research institute working on MEMs.

Apart from academic opportunities, the liberal environment and club facilities in BİLGİ contribute to your personality development. The free academic relationship, especially without the thick walls between academics and students, helped me both to get to know myself better and to gain my self-confidence and think beyond borders. I also received CMAS 1 star diving training in Antalya, Kaş within the scope of Bilgi University Underwater Sports Club (Bi’sus).

With its academic and social facilities, BİLGİ provides ’learning for life, not for school’.

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