Double-major / Transfer Students

Requirements for double-major and transfer applicants

In addition to fulfilling the general criteria for making a double major application, students must meet the following criteria:

1. Students must fulfil the general application conditions for double major programs as required by the University. Click here for general application conditions.

2. Students must successfully complete two psychology courses with a grade of B or higher. The most suitable courses for double-major and transfer students are the following:


General Psychology (PSY 110)

Social Psychology I (PSY 201)

Social Psychology II (PSY 202)

Child Development (PSY 221)

Adolescent Development (PSY 222)


Please pay attention to the following when making your double-major or transfer application:

1. The above recommended courses do not require consent.

2. If there is no space in the class, you cannot petition to add the class via special capacity or instructor consent.

3. We will not accept requests for consent or special capacity to accommodate your application.

4. You can apply for a double major until your 5th semester.

5. We strongly advise applicants to review our curriculum and program requirements before applying. Click here to go to the Psychology homepage.