About the Program

Today, when we look at how the total market value of companies is formed, we see that intangible assets have the largest share. In order to make strategic decisions and implement them in a world of uncertainty and constant change called VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), the most important asset of organizations is the ability to be aware of the opportunities and threats presented by Information Systems and to act on the basis of them. It is no longer possible for any organization to gain competitive advantage without information systems, and information systems are too critical to be left only to computer experts. Every manager can make a difference to the extent that they understand IT, and every IT professional can move their organization forward to the extent that they know how to contribute to achieving strategic goals. From customer management to data analysis, from strategic forecasting to resource optimization and value chain management, management with Information Systems in every field is the most important competitive factor.

Towards the end of the twentieth century, when Information Systems gained relative importance, MIS (Management Information Systems) started to emerge as an independent discipline. It has currently become a field that has a very high impact on other functions, hence the motto of BİLGİ MIS program is ‘Management with Information Systems’. Graduates of this program will be competent in ‘Management with Information Systems’ beyond the Management of Information Systems. Their technical and managerial skills will include strategic thinking, strategic implementation, and leadership.

Another important feature of the program is that it is offered in a way to adapt to today's increasingly busy and flexible working hours. The necessity to come to the campus in the busy pace of manager candidates and managers is one of the factors that make it difficult to pursue a master's degree education both geographically and temporally. Thanks to its online format, BİLGİ e-MIS program allows you to take an important step for your management career by doing your master's degree at your own pace and join the ranks of BİLGİ graduates who have advanced in their profession.

BİLGİ e-MIS stands out in the following aspects:

  • Globally ‘new’ content to realize the strategic added value of Information Systems and Management,
  • Academic staff with superior academic and professional formation that will keep you ahead of the developments in the world in this field,
  • Institutional collaborations that will provide the opportunity to develop applications and projects within the framework of the program,
  • Gaining mastery of the latest technologies and methods in the field of Information Systems,
  • Ensuring learning by linking the most successful real-life applications with theory,
  • The program offers the opportunity to specialize in different areas by expanding the elective course opportunities with the opportunities of BilgiMBA programs,
  • Presenting the MIS master's curriculum to students through online methods without requiring campus attendance,
  • The opportunity to develop a tailor-made training program in a discipline where online applications are critical.

BİLGİ e-MIS is for you

  • If you have busy working hours,
  • If your work schedule is uncertain,
  • If you have busy travel schedules,
  • If you have trouble keeping to class hours even if you work in Istanbul,
  • If you live outside Istanbul,
  • If you say MIS program should already be online.

MSc in e-Mis

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