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The MA Program in Comparative Literature at İstanbul Bilgi University is devoted to investigating the development of literary forms in their broad historical, social, and artistic contexts. Housed within Turkey's earliest comparative literature department, the program promotes the understanding of literature across borders, languages, and disciplines. 

Core courses emphasize literary theory, advanced research across interrelated disciplines, and scholarly writing within the multifarious context of world literature. A wide array of elective courses is available from programs in cultural studies, history, philosophy, and media and communication systems, among others. The program values the study of literature in Turkish in the local and global contextual framework of the process of modernization, including its contested origins, multi-linguistic formation, and heterogeneous development. 

Lectures, readings, and assignments are bilingual, and theses may be written in English or in Turkish. Students also benefit from the university's rich intellectual atmosphere, research-oriented library, and department symposia. 

Graduates of the program often pursue doctoral degrees in related fields in Turkey or abroad. Most develop careers in academia, education, writing, editing, publishing, communication, translation, or civil society. 

While most applicants are from literary fields, dedicated non-literature majors from the humanities, arts, and social sciences who demonstrate a profound interest in and commitment to advanced literary study are also encouraged to apply. 

Fee remissions up to 60 percent are available depending on the applicants’ grades, portfolio, and competence in writing.

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