About the Program

MSc program in Financial Economics trains specialists who can foresee the possible effects of financial developments on financial markets, construct financial models, solves them with analytical and numerical methods, evaluate the results and produce a product, and aim to work in departments such as treasury, risk management, and research in financial institutions. Moreover, the program also provides a strong foundation for students who wish to continue their education at the doctoral level. To this end, the courses offered in the program are mainly based on econometrics, macroeconomics, derivatives pricing and risk management.

Thanks to the courses that you take in MSc in Financial Economics:

You will be a preferred professional in the finance sector.

You will have a preferred CV by receiving a specialization training that is needed in the finance sector, especially banks and intermediary institutions.

You can benefit from global opportunities.

With a Master's degree in Financial Economics, you can better evaluate overseas career opportunities in the finance sector, the world's most global industry.

You can make a good start for an academic career.

If you are planning an academic career in this field, you can make a good start by joining this comprehensive master’s program as a first step.

You can take on major positions in public institutions.

Thanks to your qualifications in finance, you will become a competitive applicant for major positions in public institutions such as Central Bank of Turkey, Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Banking Supervision and Regulation Agency, and Savings and Deposit Insurance Fund.

You will have the opportunity to get the CFA Title.

Thanks to the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Program, you can have the opportunity to prepare for the 3-stage exam in the best way in order to obtain the most respected and prestigious title given to professionals in the field of finance by the London-based CFA Institute, and you can benefit from scholarship opportunities based on achievement.


  • The opportunity of specialization in your preferred field through elective courses. By specializing in the field of Quantitative Finance, you can obtain a diploma representing your expertise in this field.
  • In addition to your courses, the opportunity of attending finance, econometrics and economics seminars delivered by academics and professional both from Türkiye and abroad.
  • The privilege of attending classes with a distinguished and successful group of students who are selected after a rigorous selection process that includes exams and interviews.
  • The opportunity of taking courses from well-known academics and professionals in their fields.
  • The opportunity of acquiring skills through CFA Program for a strong foundation in fields such as academic theory, current market practices, ethical and professional standards, advanced investment analysis, portfolio management that can be used at all stages of a career.

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