About the Program

The technological and economic developments that are taking place at an ever-increasing pace in the world have a significant impact on social and economic relations in our country and lead to many new problems. Undoubtedly, these developments are reflected in our law in many different ways, and we have been going through a process of rapid legal change since the beginning of the 2000s. Indeed, the new Civil Code was amended in 2001, followed by the Labor Code, the Code on Private International Law and Procedural Law, and more recently the Code of Civil Procedure, the Turkish Code of Obligations and the Turkish Commercial Code. The change in these basic codes has required a re-examination of many questions from a different perspective. On the other hand, emerging areas such as Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law and IT Law have rapidly started to occupy an important place in legal practice. It is possible to say that law is more dynamic today than ever before. In this environment, scientific studies to be carried out in terms of the law that is and should be are of great value. İstanbul Bilgi University Private Law PhD Program is a doctoral program in which legal problems encountered in theory and practice are examined from an in-depth and analytical perspective and solutions that include academic innovation are put forward.

In Private Law Doctoral Program, a total of seven courses, one of which is core and six of which are elective, must be taken. Students who are successful in the PhD qualifying exam are deemed to have completed the program, provided that they are successful in the defense of their thesis in front of the jury in a field to be determined in consultation with their academic advisors. If the student and his/her advisor deem it necessary, it is possible to take courses from other doctoral programs offered within

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