Information Security Technology (Evening Education)

about program

The ongoing rapid increase in computer networks and use of Internet has brought along the issue of information security. Besides, the dependence of all institutions and organizations on technology and information makes information security vitally important. It is also quite evident that information security should be given high priority due to the fact that it is a corporate government element that is closely related to information technologies security, physical security, risk management, business continuity, and compliance with laws and regulations and that support various responsibilities toward employees, business partners, clients, and society.

The fundamental goal of İstanbul Bilgi University Information Security Technology Program is to raise the qualified and well-equipped professional members for firms that are active in all areas, especially in the areas of information technologies, information security, and computer programming. Our graduates can work in organizations that provide Internet and e-mail service, organizations with multiuser computer system, computer network, and in organizations that provide distance education as system security specialist, IT specialist, system support specialist, systems and network consultant, and internet programmer.

Information Security Technology Program has cooperation protocol with the leading institutions of the sector such as Havelsan (Airborne Electronic Industry and Commerce Corporation), Isaca İstanbul Chapter (Technology Information Management and Audit Institute Association), YASAD (Software Industrialists Association), and Lostar Information Security institution. Within the framework of the cooperation protocol, the students can do long or short internships or carry our graduation projects in the relevant institutions under the guidance of the firm specialists.

*The language of education is Turkish