Cooking Evening Education

about program

The primary goal of Cooking Program is to raise qualified professionals who has the required foundation to be employed in the field of restaurant and catering services, who can interpret and evaluate data by using the basic knowledge and skills acquired in the program, who can describe problems, who can carry out professional plans and projects and offer solutions, who can take responsibility in working groups or have the ability to work individually, who can establish effective communication, and who has a command of a foreign language sufficient enough to follow the novelties in the field.

The graduates, who receive the titles of Cook or Kitchen Hand, can predominantly work in the kitchen crew or catering departments of five-star national and international hotels, in the kitchen or business sections of restaurants, in the product research-development departments of food establishments, in the institutions providing education in the catering sector, and in the visual and printed media organizations.

Our graduates are also entitled to complete their undergraduate education in relevant fields by taking the External Transfer Exam.

*The language of education is Turkish.