Faculty Member, PhD

Nilgün Başalp Yıldırım

+90 212 311 5279

Santralistanbul / SEYFİ ARKAN BİNASI 416


Bachelor of Laws (LLB): Faculty of Law, Istanbul University, 1998

Master of Laws (Magister Legum/LLM): Magister Legum für deutsches Recht, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität Juristische Fakultät, Munich 2003

Master of Laws (LLM): Private Law, Social Sciences Institute, Istanbul University, 2004

PhD in Private Law: Social Sciences Institute, Istanbul University, 2009


Property Law, Data Protection Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Contract Law

Areas of Interest

Civil Law, Comparative Law, Law of Obligations, Contract Law, Tort Law, Family Law, Inheritance Law, Data Protection Law

Other Information

Director of Turkish-German Business Law Master Program at Istanbul Bilgi University (Joint-Degree Program of Cologne University and Istanbul Bilgi University)

please see also: University of Cologne "Deutsch-Türkischer Masterstudiengang Wirtschaftsrecht"   (Program Director at University of Cologne: Prof. Dr. Heinz-Peter Mansel)