Department Head  Çiğdem Ülker

Physical, psychological and social well-being in the childhood has a direct or indirect impact on the later stages of life. Therefore, the most important and critical period of life is the childhood. Given that children are the future of the society, the development of children should be assessed regularly, and children and their parents should be supported as required, to ensure that each child fully reaches his/her development potential.

İstanbul Bilgi University, Vocational School of Health Services, Department of Child Care and Youth Services was established to train professionals that are capable of supporting families and children in education, health, psychology, child development, and other disciplines, starting from the pre-pregnancy period, to ensure that each child can grow up and develop healthily.

Department of Child Care and Youth Services has a formal program, and an evening education program, and with its experienced and expert staff members, the Department is committed to train professionals that follow scientific, technological, and social developments, are well aware of the importance of childhood, have internalized ethical rules, and continue to professionally develop.