Audiometry Evening Education

about program

In parallel to the increased prevalence of hearing impairments in the society, it has become even more important to raise technicians in this field. The Audiometry Program aims to raise "Audiometry Technicians" who can apply pure voice and speech audiometry tests, make measurements on earmolds for hearing aid applications, take part in hearing scans and noise measurements, who can apply vestibular tests and auto-acoustic emission applications under the supervision of a specialist physician, who have the required knowledge and skills and good teamwork skills, and are capable of preventing occupational diseases and accidents.

Our students gain adequate theoretical knowledge and the required skills under the guidance of our expert staff in our fully-equipped audiometry laboratory. Audiometry technicians are employed by the audiology units or newborn screening units of public or private health institutions, and auditory centers.

Graduates of the Audiometry Program have the chance to transfer to undergraduate programs of Physics, Physics Engineering, Optics and Acoustic Engineering, Audiology and Teaching for the Hearing-Impaired of various universities with the Vertical Transfer Examination (VTE).

The medium of instruction is Turkish.