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The health sector is the area which has the biggest requirement for qualified human force having vast knowledge and skills in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases.

The main purpose of the Department of Medical Services and Techniques of İstanbul Bilgi University is to raise "Health Technicians" in charge of appropriate and timely provision of technical services required for ensuring accurate diagnosis of diseases, ensuring that patients receive high-quality medical care and increasing patients' life quality. Students of the department undergo appropriate training and education programs in the fields with the highest requirement for human resources in accordance with the legal regulations and industrial requirements under the guidance of high-quality academic staff and making use of adequate and qualified laboratory facilities and receive courses on Operating Room Services, Anesthesia, Dialysis, Electroneurophysiology, First and Emergency Aid, Audiometry, Opticianry, Medical Laboratories and Pathology Techniques and Medical Imaging Techniques.

Department of Medical Services and Techniques of İstanbul Bilgi University equips its students with necessary education in accordance with evolving health problems and developing technology, has protocols signed with hospitals where students can experience their knowledge and skills acquired through theoretical and applied education activities, and aims to raise highly-motivated and responsible health technicians who prove beneficial for the society and are aware of their legal liabilities related to their occupation, and who are continually learning how to learn and strictly comply with ethical rules.

All programs of the department offer a formal program and an evening education program.