Emergency and Disaster Management *

about program

As in the rest of the world, natural and human-induced emergencies and disasters are increasing in our country. Demand for qualified experts is increasing also for risk and damage alleviation and management activities before, during and after all emergencies and disasters.

Emergency and Disaster Management Program aims to raise successful experts in the field of pre-disaster planning, security and evacuation procedures in case of emergencies and legal practices, who are solution-oriented and have strong communication skills, while providing all students with a general education in the field of emergencies and disaster management.

Graduates of Emergency and Disaster Management Program have the chance to work at Provincial Disaster and Emergency Departments, the units of such departments, ministries, fire brigade organizations and private and public institutions.

Graduates of the Emergency and Disaster Management Program have the chance to transfer to programs of Emergency and Disaster Management, Nursing, and Nursing and Health Services of various universities with the Vertical Transfer Examination (VTE).

The medium of instruction is Turkish.

* No new students will be accepted to this program.