The program aims to educate social work technicians that have professional knowledge, skills, and values of social work in line with the growing need to prevent and solve the social problems.

Social work technicians work in cooperation with social care specialists and social workers in public, private and civil organizations, where social services are provided. A social technician carries out preliminary interviews with the cases, provided necessary guidance, collects and reports data to help social diagnosis, and works in cooperation with other members of the team.

Students learn fundamental knowledge on social work, acquire awareness in relation to social services, as well as listening, engaging in emphatic communication, interview skills, and understand the role and responsibilities of a social technician under current legislation on social problems, during two years of theoretical and practical education.

Social Services and Sociology departments are among 4-year programs that students may study after passing the Vertical Transfer Examination.

The language of program is Turkish.

* No new students will be accepted to this program.