İstanbul Bilgi University encourages the employees and students to do research. The research policy of İstanbul Bilgi University is based on an action plan, which prioritizes some research areas. Our priority is to support human resources at BİLGİ that could enrich the creativity, innovation and knowledge in conducting research. We believe that such a support will also result in the dissemination of the intellectual capacity of BİLGİ to larger segments of the society. All the research projects are being conducted by academic departments, institutes and research centres or with the initiatives of academic staff themselves. 

The Projects Office takes an active role in facilitating research opportunities to support researchers. In this sense, providing the academics with some academic and non-academic infrastructure, informing them about related national and international research funds, assessing the value-added qualities of proposals, and assisting them in the execution of their research projects are some of the tasks provided by the Projects Office. BİLGİ has a very strong determination to encourage motivation and support actions in order to increase research and development activities.