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Organizational Psychology Master’s Program Project Posters Presentations

Organizational Psychology Master’s Program Project Posters Presentations

İstanbul Bilgi University Organizational Psychology Master's Program invite all BİLGİ people to the poster presentation sessions. The graduate students of the program with the project from the cohort of Fall 2018 will present their applied studies about various interesting issues of human-work-organization-society interaction. The participants will have the chance of listening to the project processes, ask questions to the scientist-practitioner students.

Date: December 22, 2018 Saturday
Time: 14.00-17.00
Place: santralistanbul Campus, E2-Entrance Hall

Gözde Tokmakoğlu
Are We Angels or Devils? The Perceived Prestige of Human Resources Management Departments, Functions, and Professionals

Nejdan Yıldız
The Impact of International Job Change on Job Satisfaction & Well-being: The Case of Turkish Professionals in France

Ayşe Gülüm Özer 
Internal Communication Practices and Negative Acts in Organizations

Cansu Oturan
Increasing Motivation by Using Game Techniques for an Insurance Company Employees

Başak Ercan 
Increasing Organizational Attractiveness of Insurance Company for Senior Students and Newly Graduated Candidates

Dilan Çapar
Educational Learning Series Between Compensation & Benefits Team & Talent Acquisition Team

Ayşen Demircan Akman
Leadership Practices And Development: Single Case Study

Hakan Erbey 
Leadership Transformation: Unboss

Hakan Fatih Büyükadalı
Career Assessment Model for High School Students

Simge Gül Subaşı
The Role of Feedback Process on the Job Satisfaction Among Pre-School Teachers

Ülker Yıldız Bilgen
Improving Organizational Engagement of Sales Staff During Change Management Process

Bengi Ceren Özkoca
Professional Attitude Development: A User Experience Company Intervention

Aysu Dilan Altuncu 
Information Systems Department Roles and Job Analysis Process Implementation

Cansu Demirli 
Developing Psychological Capital in Fieldcore

Gözde Dağlı
Developing Positive Climate Plan and Intervention Plans for an Online Travel Company

Melisa Gürtan
Human Side of Merging and Acquisitions

Şükran Zeynep Makascı 
Flow Coaching for High-School Teachers & General Self-Efficacy

Dilara Doğan
An Analysis of Glass Ceiling in Turkish News Media

Ece Işık 
Mindfulness for Road Safety Behaviors

Esra Buldu
Development of an Outplacement Program in the Process of Organizational Downsizing