Conference on Economic Design

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Date: July 1-4, 2015
Place: santralistanbul Campus

Plenary Speakers:
Eric Maskin (Harvard University) / Leo Hurwicz Lecture
Stephen Morris (Princeton University) / Murat Sertel Lecture
Charles Plott (CalTech) / SED Lecture
Rakesh Vohra (University of Pennsylvania) / Paul Kleindorfer Lecture

Registration deadline: June 1, 2015

The Conference on Economic Design is the bi-annual conference of The Society for Economic Design (SfED). This year conference will take place in İstanbul Bilgi University, organized by Murat Sertel Center for Advanced Economic Studies. The conference aims to advance the scientific discipline of design of economic and political institutions. It aims to be the main interdisciplinary venue for scientists who work in the area of institutional design in various disciplines such as economics, political science, computer science, and operations research. Consequently, paper submissions from many different fields are encouraged, e.g., game theory, market design, mechanism design and implementation theory, industrial organization, social choice theory, public economics, welfare economics, political economy, experimental economics, computational economics, etc. We intend to design sessions acoording to topics rather than methodology.

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Doctoral School in Experimental Economics within the Conference ((June 30 - July 1, 2015)
Society for Economic Design (SfED) and BİLGİ Economics Lab of İstanbul (BELIS) kindly invite graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and young researchers to the Doctoral School in Experimental Economics which focuses on the role of experimental economics in testing theory and guiding economic design as it overviews the experimental methodologies.
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