Jobs & Internships

Compulsory Internships: If you have an internship course in your compulsory course list in your department, this internship is a compulsory one. Your SGK insurance is covered by BILGI during compulsory internships.

The compulsory Internship process of each faculty and vocational school may differ. The important point is that you should do your compulsory internship within defined semester in the curriculum. For a smooth internship placement and insurance process; it is highly important for you to follow the steps which will be sent to your e-mail within the specified period.

For detailed information:

Faculty of Health Sciences students: Dolapdere Campus BILGI Talent - Internship Coordination Unit; Room A314 / (212) 311 63 20

Vocational School of Health Services and other Vocational Schools students:

Kustepe Campus BILGI Talent – Internship Coordination Unit, Room A202 / (212) 311 72 20

Other Faculties and College students:

You need to contact your advisor first and then faculty secretary.

Voluntary Internship: All internships which are not defined in your curriculum and you would like to do to gain experience, are considered as voluntary internships. Your SGK insurance is also covered by BILGI during your voluntary internship as long as you are an active student.

For detailed information:

Kustepe Campus BILGI Talent – Internship Coordination Unit: Room A202 / (212) 311 72 20

For Internship Approval Form you click here.

You can contact us through for all your questions.